History of Mankind according to Ocho



A Tongue in Cheek Perspective

Way back in time, circa 6000 BCE, mankind was making the transition from nomadic, hunter-gatherer to a more sedentary way of life.  Places like Mesopotamia with its fertile land bordering the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers became the focal point for the domestication of crops and animals.  Villages sprung up around these areas of food production and mankind, freed from the constant necessity of hunting for food, now had more time for other pursuits and more time to think deep thoughts.  Now some of the pursuits and thoughts are still with us today.  The idea of ownership and its corollary, coveting what other people had was one of the more important and at times more detrimental thoughts to arise from these fertile valleys.  Another important facet that has stayed with us through the millennium was the discovery of what you could do with fermented grain.  Yes dear friends, we’re talking the invention of beer.  So, the question that needs to be pondered is, given the choice would mankind have been better off without the domestication of crops?  On the one hand, that development led to incessant warfare and untold suffering that is still with us today.  On the other hand, without that domestication, we would be without beer.  What, dear Ocho legions, would mankind choose if given that choice?  No more war and no beer or the continuing mayhem and destruction attendant with warfare and a tall frosty pint?    Ocho’s guess is that beer would win out.


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