The Reading List

SJA Turney Simon Scarrow Anthony Riches Manda Scott
The Thief’s Tale The Legion The Leopard Sword The Emperor’s Spy
Marius Mules V Praetorian Wolf’s Gold Coming of the King
Interregnum The Eagle’s Vengeance Eagle of the Twelfth
Ironroot Art of War
Dark Empress
Gordon Doherty Angus Donald Giles Kristian Harry Sidebottom
Legionary Holy Warrior Blood Eye Wolves of the North
Viper of the North King’s Man Sons of Thunder
Strategos Warlord Odin’s Wolves
Grail Knight
Ben Kane Robert Fabbri Russell Whitfield Nick Brown
Spartacus: The Gladiator Rome’s Executioner Gladiatrix The Siege
Spartacus: The Rebellion False God of Rome Roma Victrix Imperial Banner
Hannibal:Enemy of Rome Imperatrix
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