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Some of today’s written word

Colonel Washington stepped out of his tent barely avoiding a cascade of rainwater running down the flap.  ‘Bloody rain; will it ever stop,’ he muttered to himself glancing up to the silver-gray sky.  April had been living up to its reputation; this being the third day in a row of a constant rainfall.  Washington, who had his aide clean his boots nightly, felt a little guilty after taking only a few steps in the thick mud that now covered the camp.  It was his habit to walk around the camp after his breakfast though he skipped the last two days because of the pouring rain so despite that it was still raining he was determined to make his rounds today.  He was not surprised to see Sergeant Mulhern drilling a squad of recruits and a smile came across his face when he heard the sergeant dressing them down, ‘Aye, but you’re naut but a bunch of gombeens.  If any of you mogs had two brains he’d be twice as stupid.’  He continued his walk having stopped to have a word with his quartermaster and was passing by the cabin that Henry and Liza had been living in.  They, along with Joseph Clarke and Pierre, left for Albany a couple weeks ago and now the cabin was being used by Lieutenant Colonel Williams.  Washington, much to his surprise as he was ordinarily an optimist, was looking forward to Williams leaving to go back to Colonel Johnson.  It was almost a daily event that Williams would find fault with just about everything but most especially Parliament and the state of his lodgings.  As he made his way back to his tent he saw Daniel, Timothy and Markus heading out, probably hunting he thought.  He was glad that those three were staying but he felt keenly the loss of Liam, Henry and most especially Teeyeehogrow.  Not for the first time Washington had to fight back the sorrow that lived within him.  When he reached his tent he noticed that the rain had stopped.  He took another look at the sky and saw the sun starting to break through. ‘Things are looking up,’ he said to his aide, ‘Now if those chancers in London ever get off their collective arses maybe we can start fighting again.  Good God, I’m beginning to sound like Williams.’


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