you bet..another snippet – The Siege of Mallory Town


This finely illustrated depiction of The Siege at Mallory Town gives you the sense of the chaos, the blood, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat at this small but pivotal battle for the frontier during Pontiac’s Rebellion in 1762.  A brief snippet for your enlightenment and entertainment:

Pierre raised his musket to ward off the blow from Machk’s war club but he was struck above the right temple as the club slid down the barrel of the musket and crumpled to the ground.  Machk’s cry of victory was cut short by the sound of the volley from the ambushers.  He turned to see his warriors being massacred, his rage now out of control.  He lifted his tomahawk and was bending to grab Pierre to scalp him when two musket balls hit him, one in the leg from the musket of William Crane but it was the second one that killed him as Liza, from the window in the main building, hit him square in the back of his head; the ball, bone and brain matter exploding out of the front of his head and onto the still unconscious form of Pierre.  The remaining five assailants having lost their leader ran back to their canoe and pushed off into the Allegheny.


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