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a question for authors

I have found that the closer I get to finishing my first novel the more my thoughts head off to the sequel.  This is both enlightening and infuriating….helps in the sense that book 2 needs to feed off of the end of book 1 but at the same time it muddles up the thought process as the Muse tries to get the ending right for book 1.  Is this a unique problem or does this happen to other authors as well?

Oh well..the end of book 1 will happen regardless and then I get to write a foreword, an acknowledgment and an author’s afterword…all firsts for me…then I just need to find the required funds to get a cover done, the draft edited and whatever it costs to promote the heck out of the book(writing it was the easy part.)  🙂



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finish line still in sight

A short breather from this morning’s musings…a time to celebrate another minor milestone…word count now stands at 89,004.  Had to change things up a bit as what I thought was the last chapter proved to be longer than I liked so I split it in two…well actually three as I am now just starting the last one as I felt the need to finish at Mallory Town….the epilogue will play off that nicely I think.  So, boys and girls work continues on this longer than expected work…originally thought 80,000 or so would be good…looks more like 95,000…

I have four beta readers reading the pre-edited final draft…if all goes well and I can find the resources to acquire a good cover I hope this will be out in Kindle in a couple months…..

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finish line in sight

Getting close boys and girls…the last chapter is proving to be a bit lengthier than I first thought but that’s okay…will be writing the last major battle of the book next as the British penned up in Detroit attempt to break the siege….after that it’s only a matter of time and pages until Pontiac’s war concludes and book one ends….the epilogue is partially complete and I hope sets the scene for book two.  🙂  Here’s a bit of the lead up to the battle I haven’t written yet:

Captain Dayall as Major Gladwin knew was not one who liked to be on the defensive so it was not a great surprise when Dayall suggested rather heatedly that the time to strike was at dawn tomorrow.  What did surprise the Major was that Liam and Mulhern both agreed with him.  ‘Pontiac knows we’re going to hit him but he doesn’t know when.  The sooner we strike the less chance he will find out and the less time he has to prepare,’ said Liam.  ‘All right gentlemen,’ responded Gladwin, ‘we attack at dawn.  Captain Dayall will be in command.  I suggest using the river gate as it is less visible than the front.’

Pontiac knew he was violating one of the main points of his program for the tribes but sometimes, as he was learning, it was necessary for those in power to bend or even discard the rules once in a while.  The spyglass had been a gift from the captain of a French trading vessel and was one piece of the white man’s ingenuity that he was not ready to give up.  He climbed up into the oak tree he had been using during the siege as a vantage point for keeping an eye on the British.  The eastern sky was heralding in the first light of the new day on the horizon as Pontiac focused the spyglass on the far wall.  He had seen little activity at the front gate but did notice the many soldiers forming up near the river gate.  ‘So, I was correct in thinking you would make your move tonight,’ said Pontiac to himself while clambering down from his perch.  He walked over to Megegagik and said, ‘ready your men and make sure they remain hidden.  I will join you shortly and will lead the charge.’

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