a question for authors

I have found that the closer I get to finishing my first novel the more my thoughts head off to the sequel.  This is both enlightening and infuriating….helps in the sense that book 2 needs to feed off of the end of book 1 but at the same time it muddles up the thought process as the Muse tries to get the ending right for book 1.  Is this a unique problem or does this happen to other authors as well?

Oh well..the end of book 1 will happen regardless and then I get to write a foreword, an acknowledgment and an author’s afterword…all firsts for me…then I just need to find the required funds to get a cover done, the draft edited and whatever it costs to promote the heck out of the book(writing it was the easy part.)  🙂



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3 responses to “a question for authors

  1. I do exactly the same. I’m really trying hard to fashion my endings so that they are complete in themselves as well as hinting at the next one in the series. I think you have to run with the Muse while she’s willing and then put on your editing hat.

    I’m more than happy to help promote the book. I’ve got a fantastic cover designer – she did the covers for Outcasts and the first version of A Love Most Dangerous.

    I had great editors for A Love if you’re interested.

    • Hi Martin,
      Thanks for the comment and for the offer to help promote….if I finally get around to the editing and cover art stage I may take you up on your contacts…money is a big problem right now and not even my Muse can do anything about that.


      • Word docs are your friend – I have about 6 folders on the go at once with the offshoots, sequels, random short stories, of the rebel rabble.
        The other thing of course is that if you can stick a bit of #book 2 in at the end, you’ve got the reader hooked for the sequel.
        (The gentleman who does my covers is also available for militaria!)

        Indie authors work together. It’s how we roll ….

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